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MISSION STATEMENT: To inspire joy and unity among all people through black gospel and spiritual music traditions.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITMENT: We are a volunteer choir with high visibility and an important mission to our community. With approximately 70 performers and musicians, professional standards are necessary since they allow us to maintain the high level of professionalism consistent with our mission. It takes cooperation from everyone to ensure that we maintain our high standards. Our standards have evolved over time, partly out of respect for our audiences and partly in response to situations that the choir has faced. Therefore, as a condition of membership, each person agrees to adhere to the following:

1.     Maintain the high standard of musical proficiency required by the Artistic Director. The Artistic Director may at any time place you on musical probation or dismiss you for poor musicianship.

2.     Comply with the rehearsal and performance attendance commitments listed below. If you are unable to attend any rehearsal or performance, contact your Section Leader as soon as possible.

  • Attend the scheduled rehearsals each Monday from 7:00 – 10:00 PM Additional rehearsals may be scheduled for special performances. You cannot miss more than two rehearsals each quarter without an approved leave of absence. If you arrive after 7:15 PM, you considered late. 
  • Attend the mandatory scheduled performances and their corresponding sound checks. A serious intent to attend 100% of our performances is required, but you are allowed to miss one performance per quarter (or 20% of the total performances, whichever is greater) without an approved leave of absence. If you sign in after the sound check time or arrival time specified on the schedule, you are considered late.
  • If your physical health may be compromised in any way due to the attendance requirements, you have a responsibility and obligation to notify your Section Leader or Board Liaison, and whenever necessary, to request a medical leave of absence (in writing). The medical leave request will be forwarded to the Artistic Director for approval.
  • You may request up to six weeks Leave Of Absence (combined or separate weeks) to excuse planned absences in a given performance year. An LOA beyond two consecutive weeks is considered an extended Leave Of Absence.  Only 2 members per section can be on leave during the same time period (e.g. 2 altos and 2 tenors etc.). Leaves must be requested and approved before the rehearsal/performance date(s) missed. The Artistic Director reserves the right to refuse any leave request. Absences covered by an approved leave of absence do not count as missed rehearsals/performances on your quarterly evaluations.
  • If you do not meet the attendance requirements for any given quarter, you will be placed on probation for three months.
  • If you do not meet the attendance requirements for two consecutive quarters, you will revert to introductory membership probation and not be able to perform for three months (performance probation). You are required to meet the membership commitments during the performance probation quarter as well as in the following quarter or your membership will be terminated.

3.     Exhibit a professional and respectful demeanor and code of conduct at all choir appearances and functions.  Our code of conduct is intended to further the choir’s spirit and allow us to exist in harmony with the gospel community tradition. Refer to the Code of Conduct Policy for specific details.

4.     Comply with all dress attire and uniform requirements specified for each performance. This standard applies before, during and after each performance while you are at the performance site. If at any performance, your dress attire/uniform/personal hygiene is found to be incorrect, incomplete, unkempt, or unacceptable, you will not be able to sing with the choir during that performance. Refer to the Uniform Policy for specific details.

5.     You are required to pay for your uniforms and keep them in excellent condition.

6.     Maintain timely payment of membership dues. Dues are $25.00/month from February through December ($275.00/year total) and are payable at the first rehearsal of each month. You are responsible for paying dues during the summer break and before taking a leave of absence. If you are three months behind in dues payments, you are considered to be on probation until your payments are current. If you become six months behind in dues payments, you will be placed on suspension from all choir activities until your payments are current or an arrangement has been made with the administration.

7.     A limited number of scholarships are available for members with economic hardship. If you wish to apply for a scholarship, obtain a Scholarship Application Form from your Section Leader or Board Liaison. You must keep your Dues Taker advised of your scholarship status. Members receiving scholarships are expected to contribute in kind and will be asked to help sell cassettes and CDs, carry equipment, volunteer at the office, or assist in specific choir projects.

8.     Although it is permissible to list your membership with OIGC on a resume, you may not solicit political/professional contacts resulting from choir performances to promote your separate professional goals.

9.     As a volunteer service organization, members are expected to participate in non‑musical activities that contribute to the health and viability of the choir, such as assisting with the OIGC Workshop, fundraising and other public relations activities. Members are also encouraged to participate in special project committees or service groups (e.g. Ministerial Committee, Choir Council, Board), which are all essential to the functioning of the choir. 

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