OUR MISSION: The mission of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir is to inspire joy and unity among all people through black gospel and spiritual music traditions.

·      performing black gospel and spirituals with a diverse group of people
·      creating and maintaining a culture of inclusion
·      modeling and inspiring unity by the diversity of our membership and our joyful performance
·      providing young people with positive youth development opportunities rooted in spiritual and gospel music education
·      delivering a musical experience to institutionalized and underserved audiences, including performances at prisons, shelters, and schools
·      serving the general public with free and low-cost performances
·      performing at public, artistic, faith, and commercial events
·      assisting other nonprofit organizations in their outreach efforts
·      bringing together a culturally and ethnically diverse audience at self-produced outreach events
·      collaborating on cross-cultural musical projects
·      inspiring and educating the public about the cultural, historical, and political context of spirituals and gospel music
·      engaging in special projects, including the Biennial Music Workshop, recordings, and tours
·      touching hearts and minds through our performances  

OUR VISION: OIGC sees a world where all people, regardless of social biases, will tap into their own power of spirit and joy, be comfortable with each others’ differences, and celebrate those differences in harmony.

·    the power of the human spirit and its ability to transcend limitations and biases
·      the building and sustaining of a diverse and inclusive community that embraces all people
·      personal and organizational responsibility for modeling integrity, respect, and peace
·      our role as a positive example within the interfaith community
·      the black gospel and spiritual music traditions
·      music as a tool to educate and strengthen community

·      that song has the power to transform lives and to unite people across differences
·      that a culture of inclusion challenges each of us to be a positive agent of change
·      that in striving to be a culture of inclusion we serve as a model of a greater vision for the world
·      in the value of service to the community and the world
·      that everyone has a unique voice, and that every voice is important
·      that when communities take active responsibility for the struggles, as well as the successes, of all people, communities are more likely to thrive