Our trip to Canada was an outstanding experience for me and everyone else in the youth choir. This was the first time the majority of the choir members had the chance to go out of the country to perform. Most of us fell in love with Canada at first sight.

We enjoyed the chance to see what life in Canada is like. Throughout the trip, our American money was exchanged for much cooler-looking Canadian money. Some of it was see-through, some of it was shiny, and most of it was plastic, unlike our paper money. They also had fascinating one and two dollar coins instead of one dollar bills. We definitely made use of it shopping... but didn’t go crazy!  After we arrived, we went to the Granville Market, which had a great assortment of unusual Canadian food. My personal favorite was the “cinnamon record”, which was a huge circular “record” made out of cinnamon and sugar. It was delicious.

The next day, we took the ferry to Victoria on the island of Vancouver. The ferry trip was probably my most memorable and enjoyable experience from the Canada trip. There was an arcade, gift shop, cafeteria, and my favorite area, the  “sundeck” (it was crazy cold, windy, and foggy, but it’s all good!). I and several friends kept going out to the sundeck, got too cold, went back inside, but then wanted to go back out and experience the sea. The scenery of the fog, the many small islands, and the water was beautiful. I took lots of pictures of the water and islands but forgot to take many pictures of the people on the trip. Luckily, others got some good ones.