I started as administrative assistant of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir last March, and it's been quite a ride. What a wonderful organization and what fun to be around interesting, thoughtful co-workers and a diverse group of choir members. 

So much has changed in the past year. From being promoted to Office Manager, to taking the lead on communications, to attending my first holiday concert at the Paramount. Granted, it hasn't always been easy. Multiple events at once, deadlines...and  have you ever tried tracking down information from Terrance Kelly? But some days don't even feel like a job, like watching videos  or sorting through photographs of the choir.

Another development is that I am now a proud member of the Oakland Interfaith Community Choir. Yep, that's right. I changed my schedule at the winery to be able to sing with the super talented community choir.  My first rehearsal followed a long day of coordinating auditions for the gospel choir. Then after a hectic hour of checking in other members beside our coordinator Sophie, I took my seat among the 12,000 or so altos. The two hours flew by singing songs I had attempted to practice beforehand. Plus, a lot of laughing at Terrance and his imitations and illustrations of what we should do or not do.

The last rehearsal I went to was even more thrilling, with the whole band backing us up. As we swayed and clapped to the music, I felt chills go up and down my arms more than once. A few times, I felt like I was floating and would think to myself how cool it was to be singing, rather than just be sitting in the audience.

I am really looking forward to feeling the spirit at the spring concert on April 11th. And all the other adventures that await!