Photo Credit: Maria Long

Barbara Ann Davis - Alto, Gospel Choir

"I have so many wonderful memories of Oakland. You could go all over the city (safely) there were no territory restrictions, we swam at all the high school pools and just had a great time. In the summer time you could see kites flying all around the city. And, for July 4th it was so much fun to see entire families walking [to Lake Merritt] with picnic baskets in hand to lounge on the grass while the children played on the Octopus sculpture (still there) waiting for darkness to set and the firework to begin. Oakland was, and is still a beautiful city. The Jewel of the City, Lake Merritt still reigns, and the regal Paramount is still functioning as they did when I was a child. The beautiful Fox Theater was renovated (along with the Roxie Theater which now serve multiple business and educational endeavors. Obviously, I could go on and on and still have only covered the tip of the iceberg so I will stop here. Do I love Oakland? Obviously!"
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The OIGC 2016 Holiday Concert is on
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