Dan and Tehree

Dan and Tehree

It has been a great joy for me to be able to work with OIGC this summer. The experiences I have had working with OIGC for SKRUK’s visit, helping OICC with their annual concert, and assisting in the office have all revitalized my faith in OIGC and the power of music to bring people together. I have been uplifted and blessed by the music I heard, and I know that the members of the community who participate in any OIGC performances and the choir members who spread peace, love and joy are all fortified through the wonderful power of gospel music and the spirit of unity that accompanies it. 

One of my primary responsibilities in the office was compiling a catalog of the music OIGC and OICC perform. The combined list included over 200 songs. I spent much of my time working on this project listening to different versions of these songs to find the best version to put in the catalog of the choir’s repertoire. Repeatedly hearing the messages of hope, faith, love and acceptance of these songs was very powerful for me. Each of us has a different set of life experiences as well as personal characteristics and beliefs that set us apart and make us different. The truth that was reaffirmed to me as I worked with OIGC this summer was that all of us need to and deserve to know that we are worthy of love and acceptance. We each need to know that there are people around us who care, and we need to hear it over and over again. That is why I am so thankful for OIGC. The gospel music they have shared with me has truly changed my life. It has made me a better, more compassionate, more accepting and more understanding person. The world has never needed the joyful noise and unconditional love OIGC shares more. Thank you all for the good you do. I am excited for the next chapter as I hope to stay involved in whatever way I can.