• ARRIVE EARLY (2:30-2:45 PM) to sign in, so we can sing right at 3:00 PM.
  • BRING A RECORDING DEVICE. Since almost all of the music is taught by ear, a recorder is the easiest way to capture your parts to practice in between rehearsals.
  • BRING A NOTEPAD. Either hard copy pen and paper or electronic – whichever works better for you to jot down notes on certain songs, lyrics and other important information.

·         BUDDY UP! Find someone in your section who you feel comfortable with and get their contact information. If you need help finding a buddy, ask your section leader to guide you to the right person.


      Rehearsals are roughly the 3rd Saturday of the month, 3 – 5 PM unless otherwise stated. OICC does not rehearse in August.

      Don’t forget to sign in! There will be a sign-in table at the back of the church at the beginning of each rehearsal. If you do not sign in, you are not “present”. Sign in for attendance even if you pre-paid your admin fees.

      Missed rehearsals and performances due to religious and/or cultural observances will not be penalized; however admin fees are still required. Please communicate this to your section leader as soon as possible. You are required to attend at least 3 rehearsals prior to each performance in order to perform with the choir, and may only miss two rehearsals per season to remain in good standing.


      Administrative Fees are collected online and at each rehearsal. Admin Fees are $120/season, payable $20 per month.

      Methods of payment: online is preferred via brownpapertickets.com, or cash/check at rehearsal.

      Scholarships - If you have questions about scholarships or are interested in donating to the scholarship fund please speak with the Choir Coordinator.


Because of the nature of our organization (multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-faith) we must maintain a respectful appearance at all times. Unless otherwise specified, we should always arrive at performances already in dress code. The goal is to look uniform!

All OICC members are required to purchase an OICC uniform:

Women – Teal Stole, $20

The Stoles are to be worn with a black base (Plain black (solid, no patterns) ¾ length or long sleeved top with conservative neckline, & ankle or floor length skirt, black hosiery or socks, plain black flats or pumps without buckles, straps, laces, shine, sling backs). No jewelry except for small stud earrings and wedding rings. You will be notified if black slacks are acceptable for a performance.

Men – Teal Bow Tie, $20

Men should wear a black long-sleeved dress shirt, black slacks, clean black dress shoes, black socks.

Please note that in the event you can no longer participate as a singing OICC member, OIGC cannot buy back any uniforms. You may return uniforms in good condition to the choir in the form of a donation.

In places of worship including, but not limited to, churches, temples, and mosques,

      Women are expected to wear skirts/dresses that are floor length, ¾ or long sleeved shirts, black hosiery or stockings, and black flats or pumps without buckles, straps, patterns, or shine.

      Men should wear slacks, a dress shirt, and nice clean shoes.

      If we happen to be performing at your place of worship, you must still maintain OICC’s performance dress code as a member of the choir

Items that should NEVER be worn to a performance: shorts, jeans and mini-skirts, casual sandals and sneakers, tank tops, spaghetti straps and low cut tops. Contact us in advance if you have any questions regarding dress and appearance!  OICC is fragrance free. Be sensitive to our members with sensitivity to fragrance and avoid perfume, cologne, scented lotion, scented hair products, etc. both at rehearsal and during performances.

We hope you enjoy the community choir! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, they can be directed to Sophie Gardner, Community Choir Coordinator: sophie@oigc.org, 510-839-4361.

I agree to follow the above guidelines as a member of the Oakland Interfaith Community Choir.
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