Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir
Technical Rider and Information Sheet
655 13th St. Suite 301, Oakland, CA 94612

Contact: admin@oigc.org, 510-839-4361

The Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir is a 55-member choir that performs accompanied by instrumentalists (piano, organ, bass & drums). The piano and organ are often played on electronic instruments in acoustic instruments are unavailable.

RISERS: 5-7 Wenger Tourmaster risers arranged and U-shape. If those are not available the choir can also perform on platform risers, or with no risers when necessary.

4–8 AKG-460 or similar (AKG-451/AKG-450, or other choir condenser omnidirectional type) on tall/regular boom stands, depending on placement. Mics need to be placed for full coverage of four vocal sections.  From stage right to left: sopranos, tenors, altos, basses (this may change depending on the size of the performance area)

  • 3-4 soloist vocal mics (3 Shure SM58 or equivalent on boom stands)

  • If piano and organ: instrument mics

Drum kit mics:
1 Sennheiser 421 / EV RE-20 / Beyer M88 for kick
2 Sennheiser 421 / Shure SM57 / equivalent for rack
2 AKG460 or similar for overhead

DIs: 2 DI boxes will be needed for bass and keyboard 2. Keyboard 2 will require 2 XLRs.

Monitors: 4-6 monitors will be required. 4 mixes, if possible.
·      Soloist monitors: one wedge with separate mix.
·      Choir monitors: one-two wedges in front of choir separate mix (a little piano, with choir).
·      Band monitors: three wedges (one for piano, drummer, and bass player) ideally with a separate mix for the piano.
Band will be set up stage right. 

High quality mixing console.
One stereo 31-band graphic EQ for main speakers
One mono 31-band graphic EQ for monitors (if necessary).
Speaker system should be capable of providing even coverage to all audience members at a moderate volume level.

STAGE REQUIREMENTS: Stage must be at least 12 feet deep and 16 feet wide.

SOUND CHECK: A sound check of at least 30 minutes is required in the performance venue. A professional house sound engineer must be available throughout the entire sound check and performance.

LIGHTING: If venue has stage lighting, warm colored gels are preferred. Power for lighting should be run independently of the sound system to avoid interference with the sound signal.


Bass Player - David Belove
Cabinets: Please provide one of the following
1.     4x10 preferred, or 2x10 SWR Goliath
2.     4x10 preferred, or 2x10 Eden
*Please do not provide GK

Amplifiers: Please provide one of the following
1.     -Aguilar
2.     -Eden Traveller
3.     -Mark Bass
4.     -SWR 900


Piano Player - Ben Heveroh
Piano or Keyboard - Please provide one of the following (listed in order of preference)
1.     High Quality Grand or Baby Grand Piano
2.     Keyboard Yamaha Motif ES8 or XS - *Needs to be a weighted keyboard

Keyboard/Organ Player - Louis Burrell
Keyboard: Please provide one of the following (listed in order of preference)
1.     Hammond B3 organ
2.    Hammond SK1
3.    Keyboard Yamaha Motif ES8 or XS - *Needs to be a weighted keyboard

Drummer - Miles Lathan
Yamaha studio drum kit
·      Bass drum
·      Floor tom
·      Two rack toms
·      Snare and stand
·      Kick
·      Cymbals (Meinl or Sabian cymbals)
·      Hardware DW or Pearl Export
·      Throne
·      Foot petal
·      Drum Shield 

DRESSING ROOMS: Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir must have a private, clean, secure, warm, and well-lit dressing area. The room(s) should be furnished with several electrical outlets, an ironing board and iron, at least two full length mirrors, clothes racks for uniform, and chairs or other seating accommodations for 55 singers. A private restroom should be located close by. Dressing room(s) should be large enough to accommodate 55 singers comfortably and should be available at least two hours prior to performance and one hour afterwards.

PROVISIONS: The dressing room should be stocked with both bottled, room temperature water, and hot water with a selection of herbal teas and hot cups as well as light snacks for the singers. For suggestions, call Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir’s management at 510-839-4361.