The commencement of this part of the OIGC family came at the insistence of the community, thus was aptly named the Oakland Interfaith Community Choir. OIGC hosts a bi-annual music workshop, where there were often many requests for a non-audition choir and less stringent attendance policies. OICC answers the call to both. The Community Choir was founded in September of 2013 and now includes over 90 members. In 2014, they performed at the OIGC Spring Musical on March 15th, presented their first annual Summer Concert (a sold-out show) on July 26th at Lake Merritt United Methodist Church, and sang on the Paramount Theatre stage at the 29th Annual Holiday Concert.


2016 Performances
April 16: Spring Musical with OIGC
July 16: OICC Summer Gospel Concert
September 24: BIG Gospel Concert, Monterey, CA                          December 3: 31st Annual Holiday Concert

What does it cost?
There is a monthly administration fee of $20 to be in OICC. We ask that you commit to the full season (Jan-July or Sept-Dec)

What else should I know?
The choir rarely reads music; most songs are taught by ear. Bring a recording device or your phone to record the songs. Also bring a notepad to write down lyrics.


Are you currently accepting new members?
We are accepting all sections for fall season through October 8.

Do I have to audition?
Nope - OICC is a non-auditioned choir. Just show up and make a joyful noise!

How often does OICC rehearse?
OICC rehearses one-two times per month at Imani Community Church in Oakland. Rehearsals are typically held on Saturdays from 3-5 PM.

2016 Rehearsals for Fall:

September 3, October 8- held at University Lutheran Chapel in Berkeley, October 20 (7-9PM), November 19

OICC - Monthly Admin Fee
from 20.00
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